Who will be the 2007 American Idol and rise to Famedom

Posted May 17, 2007 by pollpub
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Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks sitting in a tree. S-I-N-G-I-N-G … Let find out before hand who really is going to win this year. Blake Lewis vs. Jordin Sparks. ( Only for American Idol Watchers ).

Again, everybody in America cares about who will represent them as American Idol (until next season.)

Todays featured PollPub Poll was placed on World Poll located at mydailypoll.typepad.com and are making it the unofficial American Idol Poll. Not to mention another poll on the best gossip source on the internet (Perez Hilton vs. Dlisted). PollPub Out..

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PollPub.com Releases YouTube™ Video Polling

Posted October 12, 2006 by pollpub
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PollPub™ (www.PollPub.com), one of the fastest growing communities of user driven online polls and contests, today announces the launch of YouTube™ video polls. Users can now compare, ask questions and gather public opinion on multiple YouTube™ videos and then distribute these polls to other websites through PollPub’s poll embedding feature.

Polling Made Easy:

Anyone can use PollPub.com to create and answer polls on any subject, in any language. The website features a user friendly Web 2.0 interface that simplifies the poll publishing process into to three easy steps. Polls are not limited to www.pollpub.com. PollPub gives publishers the option to share polls through email, IM, RSS, blogs or on external web sites. Users can also determine who votes on their polls by publishing polls to the general public on PollPub.com, by creating a private poll and limiting voting to those visiting their website, or by sending out invites to a select group via email. Visitors to PollPub.com can search for public polls by entering common search tags, or they can browse through interesting poll topics based on popularity, most recently added, and categories covering a wide variety of topics such as politics, music, business, entertainment, MySpace and now YouTube™.

Rate and Compare Your Favorite Videos:

PollPub’s YouTube Video polling gives users the ability to compare and rate their favorite video clips side by side. The process is simple and does not complicate PollPub’s simple poll publishing process. During the poll setup, poll publishers will now have the option to insert YouTube™ embed code into the possible answer fields.

“We are excited to be the first poll website to offer the ability to leverage the power and popularity of YouTube™ videos within polls,” said Malik Jones, Co-Founder of PollPub.com. “Voting on YouTube™ content was obviously the next step due to the huge rise in internet video. Everyday I receive forwarded emails and IM’s containing YouTube™ videos with subject lines such as “funniest video ever” and “this had to hurt”, we thought it would be great to be able to make a poll to find out which video really IS the funniest. With the addition of this new feature the poll possibilities are endless! People can now ask questions such as; Which is the best commercial? What was your favorite scene from this movie? Vote on the best fight scene? The list of the great polls that can now be created with our PollPub mashup of YouTube™ goes on and on!”

Huge new PollPub Feature about to be announced…

Posted October 10, 2006 by pollpub
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We just want to be the first to let you know, that a huge new feature release is planned for PollPub.com Free Polls.  We are not at the liberty to give you any hint to as what this new feature set is, but believe us, it’s groundbreaking!  We will be the first blog to let you know when the features go public, so until our next post, stay tuned!

PollPub.com launches Free Picture Polls!

Posted October 3, 2006 by pollpub
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PollPub.com adds free photo polls to it’s list of offerings. Now you can make your polls look great by uploading relevant images for the answers. Want to figure out which prom dress looks the best? Need to find out if your new haircut makes you look like a jerk? Start a free picture poll, and ask the world what they think? Did we mention the polls work great on myspace, and blogs?

PollPub.com launches Detailed Polls

Posted October 3, 2006 by pollpub
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Now when you select polls from Browse or Search pages on PollPub.com the poll is launched in a ‘detailed’ view. In the detailed view there is much more information regarding your poll such as ratings, embed codes, comments and more. Our new detailed view of polls also displays a much larger pie graph, and you can even switch to a bar graph for your poll results.

Do you like PollPub.com quick view or detailed view more?

PollPub Blog released.

Posted August 31, 2006 by pollpub
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Welcome to our new blog, dedicated to the cool free poll site PollPub.com